Thor and the selenite tower

Thor and the selenite tower Crédits : Phoenix Pershing

I met few month ago a great photographer who is ok to help me to upgrade my photos skills. My friend gives me each week an exercise. This is my first one. I had to shoot in studio a picture with something white, something very coloured, something with texture something dark and matt.

The bronze figurine (H 6,7 cm) is often considered as to be the god Thor (p 167, Viking Art, James Graham-Campbell, Thames and Hudson world of art, 2013). Mine is a reproduction of an historical found in Ireland dated to be early 11 century. It sold by the museum which exhibits the original one. It was a gift from my baby sister. I am very interested in interesting about the Viking civilisation (before the TV show).

The selenite tower is a piece of my crystal and stone collection. I like mineralogy since childhood.

I like the result, but I really have to dust very precisely the velvet next time…

Those photos posts are a pleasant way for upgrading my skills in English and in shooting. French is my native language, and writing in English is hard and new to me. I try to do my best ! You can comment about the photo or about the language mistakes.

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