My lovely wrought iron spices spoons

A few time ago, I bought 24 little bottles to store my herbs and spices. My first jars were really too small. I had to use a glass container and a plastic bag for each powder. I finally find a better solution. But I made a mistake… My coffee spoons are too big for the bottles necks. I had to shake them above my saucepan. This is not an accurate way to season.

I asked for help a blacksmith friend of mine. He created for me three customized spoons. They are thin and flat like laboratory spatula. The too little one perfectly enter in my bottles. The big one will be use for other preparations stored in bags. I am fond of volutes and I ask for them. There is never enough volutes for my taste.

Shooting them was a pleasant exercise. I use Himalayan salt, paprika salt (home-made) and a mixing of five berries : black pepper, white pepper, allspice, pink pepper, green pepper named « 5 baies ». The two macro photos are take in a led studio, the group one is directly light by sunlight

There is the blacksmith website :

Those photos posts are a pleasant way for upgrading my skills in English and in shooting. French is my native language, and writing in English is hard and new to me. I try to do my best ! You can comment about the photo or about the language mistakes.

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