Halloween grub 2020

Every year I try to cook an Halloween meal. This year is not an exception but because of the lockdown I miss a lot of ingredients, like green and orange French cheese, pumpkin… So I have to change the menu. I just have spooky dessert.

I take advantage of the theme to shooting with a red light. I have a red halogen bulb since a few years. But until yesterday my photos were not fit to be seen. My lessons pay dividends, those are clear, not super clear. I reduce quality for the website.

It is a very short text, I will do a longer one next sunday. Have a nice week !

Those photos posts are a pleasant way for upgrading my skills in English and in shooting. French is my native language, and writing in English is hard and new to me. I try to do my best ! You can comment about the photo or about the language mistakes.

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