The potato octopus

I see Kraken and Octopus everywhere, like a child who sees animals in every cloud in the sky.

This time I was cleaning my potato box, and I found this very little guy alone in the dark, lost. He was a survivor of my gardening experiences from the first lockdown. I tried to grow potatoes in flowerpot. I know that was not my best idea, but we had to keep children occupied… The experience was a disaster from the point of view of the yield. I harvest less than I plant…

The idea was to plant them in my parents garden, but it seems I omit to do this. I just forgot my three little tubers… Only one sprout in a funny way… The piece of wood is a toothpick, the potato was very small.

Making off, shot with my phone

I am amateurish photographer, and that day I had time to play and no teenager witness… I know I don’t seem very sane, when I am sitting on the floor of a darkroom with potatoes and toothpick. And the young adolescent who lives with me is very derisive, as a teenager it is little bit thoughtless.

This is the result of this solitary afternoon, a little potato octopus, lost in dark, it’s a macro shooting with tripod and a remote control.

« The potato octopus » by Phoenix Pershing

None potato octopus was abused during the shooting. The little guy was free after the shooting in a new flowerpot and live a peacefully life, until the next harvesting…

I wrote this texte for an other blog, but the photo has a place here so I publish it here too.

Those photos posts are a pleasant way for upgrading my skills in English and shooting. French is my native language, and writing in English is hard and new to me. I try to do my very best ! You can comment about the photo or about the language mistakes.

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