Bridgerton’s saga : Anthony

I read the second opus this week : The Viscount who loved me.

Without any surprise the main narrator is the heroine of the novel, no suspense. We know who will be the next Lady Bridgerton at the beginning. However the Viscount and the young woman are not aware. And they really will not be happy with the author choice…

The framework of the story is the same as in the first novel. The main theme is about marriage, but the eight books speak about the eight children of the Bridgerton family engagement. But if the first one was about a man who didn’t want to sire an heir, this one is about fear of love, and death.

Anthony wants to married a pleasant, smart young woman, whose he never falls in love with. He really suffered from the unexpected death of his father when he was eighteen. It really affected his vision of engagement. But he is a Viscount and he has to sire an heir. Kate does not want her little sister to be engaged with a rake, even if a titled one. Obviously nothing will occurred as they both want because of a bee… I can’t be accused of spoiling the story. The family tree is included in the book before the first chapter.

This is the very first page…

Something is a little disturbing. It makes me a little sad. I enjoy reading series and to discover how characters evolve. The main characters changed between the first and the second novel but as a red string we meet again Lady Violet, Mrs Featherington, Lady Danbury, and Anthony’s siblings and naturally we read the very famous Lady Whistledown Society Paper. Lady Daphne and the Earl make a brief appearance at the country. The new characters are fun and interesting but I know they will disappear in the third opus. The heroine is older than Daphne. Kate is a little bit more mature about relationships, more perspicuous. This second opus is denser than the first one. It’s a very pleasant book !

I hope we will see the second season of the TV show. I am really curious about how they will tell us this second novel.

French is my native language, and writing in English is hard and new to me. I want too improve my skills and practicing is the best way to do this. I try to do my best ! You can comment about the book or about the language mistakes.

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