Witch’s brew and parchment…

I am still working on my niece witch’s kit. A witch needs to write her recipes on parchment… Ok, parchment is made with animal skin and it’s a really expensive medium. But we usually associate this word with the idea of an old artisanal yellowish paper.

Since almost ten years I am making »parchment » in my kitchen. The first time it was for accessories for a wedding. I use a decoctions of plants, powder and a few drops of strange liquids to make the witch’s brew. With experience, I only choose good smelling plants. One day I used fish sauce. It was very efficient but the kipper’s smell take a lot of time to disappear….

This time I used old coffee and tea leaves, and a few tannic plants of my stash. I use only non toxic plants for paper dying because it’s impossible to rinse away the dye bath after dying. Therefore it could be dangerous for the user. I cook that in my coffee pot. It’s really efficient and I really hate washing tissue filters full of plant fragments.

Witch’s brew

When the brew is at room temperature I can soak the paper foils. If the liquid is hot the paper gets wet too fast and it is really hard to manipulate. After that I have to let dry the paper and press it for a few days before printing.

The little cards will be used by children to create some treasure hunts. I will use the A5 ones to print potions recipes, or ingredient preparations as air dried plant.

the parchment

For this time, and because it’s for my niece I use my personal seal, the one I use for ID my photographic work. I hope she will be happy about this new addition to her kit. I will work on this project for a few weeks more. The objective is she can do something fun for Halloween. She will receive by mail post two packets of twelve leaves of magic parchment.

Those posts are a pleasant way for upgrading my skills in English. French is my native language, and writing in English is hard and new to me. I try to do my best ! You can comment about the subject or about the language mistakes.

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