People learn Klingon

I try to found new ways to improve my English. I was complaining about the difficulty to practice oral English when somebody is learning a foreign language by himself. I missed the time when I had a correspondent in middle school. Mines were Spanish. It was a valuable help for training. 

So somebody gave me a website’s address specialized in finding correspondents for adults. I created a profile and searched for a partner with the same interest as mine. And I discovered Klingon on the list of languages. 

I am fond of Startreck. So I already knew that Klingon was an understandable language. But I never think, I would find Klingon on a non-fan website. At the same time, I found that people learned Gaelic too. And we can learn Gaelic on Duolingo. So I installed Duolingo on my phone. I found Klingon again and not only Klingon, as you can notice on the screen capture. 

Duolingo screenshot

I remembered afterwards that I had already seen Klingon’s learner in The Big Bang Theory. They also were playing Boggle. Furthermore, on the table, we saw a Dictionary English/Klingon. It’s still available on the internet. I found several versions. There was a little trial of strength between Bernadette and the boys about Klingon. They were forbidden to use anything else of English in the marriage ceremony. 

If I had twenty years back in time, I would learn Klingon and how to use a bat’leth. It’s a Klingon’s impressive weapon. Maybe in twenty years, I will learn Klingon. I think using a bat’leth will stay a dream. But right now, I choose something more coherent with my project, less crazy. Which other language do you think I am learning? If I wrote correctly, the answer is already in the post. 

I wrote this post by myself, using a new tool for grammar. It’s a free version of an addon named Grammarly. I hope it will be more pleasant for my English speaking readers.

The most beautiful bat’leth, in Jadzia Dax hands

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