About subtitles

Hi everybody,

I had an interesting conversation with my sister yesterday. We were speaking about subtitles. We both used to watch TV in the original version for many years, and we both used to display subtitles. But she explained to me that was a mistake.  

In the beginning, I was watching in original version with French subtitles. My comprehension skills were too limited to understand dialogues. But with time and practice, my ear became better.  I discovered that French translations were bullshit (and it’s always the same voice actors). There was many mistakes or approximations. In a few cases, the senses of the sentences were just changed. It was strongly annoying. So I put the English subtitles. And that was the mistake.
She explained to me that if I was capable of finding the differences between English audio and French subtitles, I was able to watch TV without them. And to illustrate her words, she said that: « I work in an international team. English is the common team’s language. My colleagues don’t have subtitles. I am able to understand, respond and being understood every day. But at home, I was still using subtitles. Now I realize that I am able to listen to an episode without missing anything, I knit while “watching” English show. So tonight try, and shut down subtitles. We just undervalue our skills. »

I tried, and it was so fun and so good. I watched the first episode of the fifth Lucifer season. And after that, I watched a live show of Paul Taylor and Loïc Suberville. It was amazing to discover that I was capable to understand, it’s so more comfortable without subtitles. Eyes can explore the screen, see details on the set. In this show, Loïc Suberville explained he was very surprised because his audience was massively French, but his videos were all in English. Paul Taylor explained that here in France (they both live in Paris) a lot of people understand English but they were very few of them who were really speaking at the same level.

My advice is this: if you can find mistakes in French subtitles shut it down. It will be more comfortable, and so satisfying !! 

This is the link I talked about : Paul Taylor’s Happy Hour Live with Loïc Suberville.

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