Who I am.

I am a French woman with an English name. That is the result of chance or misfortune because nobody writes it correctly. I took an English nickname that resound with real life.

Publish or perish is a sociological theory that means that a scientist has to publish to obtain sources of funding.

I use social media, it’s hard to do without it if I want to be read. The blog speaks about very different subjects which are not interesting for everybody. So I do not share the same things on Facebook and Instagram.

On my Facebook account, I share posts about literature and ecology.

Instagram allows me to share posts about disability, self-worth, tattoos and body modification.

Posts in English are not shared anywhere. But it’s really important for me to improve my skills, and I work on it with friends who live far from me, abroad. This English version of « Who I am », is useful because a lot of people search about the sociological concept and land here on a French blog.

Have a nice day !!

Phoenix Pershing